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Randy George

About Web-Maps

I'm a developer at OnTerra Systems and a Microsoft Bing Maps MVP. Since the 80's I've been fascinated with computer graphics and digital maps.
web-maps.com/gisblog is a place for my thoughts and explorations of spatial technology.

My interests include:
Cloud Platforms: Azure, Amazon AWS
Map APIs: Bing Maps, HERE Maps, Leaflet
OGC services: WMS, WFS, GeoServer
SQL DBs: PostGIS, SQL Server
C# / javascript / html5 / css / Silverlight / d3.js / WebGL babylon.js
as well as some bigger picture diversions

Recent blog posts:
Census Terrains - Display 3D Census demographics using Babylon.js: Demographic Terrains
Census Landscapes - Display 3D Census demographics with x3d/x3dom: Census Landscapes
** GeoEpistemology, uh where's that? - Google's "truth vault": GeoEpistemology
Census Territory - build boundaries and demographic totals: Census Territory
Census WMS - thematic demographic maps for WMS clients: Census WMS

Contact Web Maps

Feel free to email to provide feedback on my posts, give me suggestions for new topics, or to just say hello!